[+] zee

Contact: skyjump@gmail.com

Greater Beast
Subject: Greater Beast Zellas Metallium
Details: Zee's favorite character is Zellas Metallium, and her Zellas shrine is her longest-lived website, originally published in 1996.

Dragon Spooker
Subject: Lina Inverse
Details: The TAFL-approved Lina Inverse fanlisting. No longer TAFL-approved.

[+] laura

Collective: Genrou.com
Contact: urufudo@gmail.com

Chimera Kage
Subject: Zelgadiss Greywords
Details: Laura's favourite character is Zelgadiss; her shrine to him was first opened in late 1998 and is one of her oldest sites.

Mysterious Ways
Subject: Xelloss
Details: Originally created to dispell misconceptions about Xelloss, Laura first opened this site in 1999.

The Devil Inside
Subject: Valgarv
Details: First opened in early 2000, this would be Laura's third Slayers character shrine.

[+] chexyione

Collective: Livin' Wild
Contact: ???

Destructive Ways
Subject: Lina Inverse

Noble Pudding
Subject: Gourry Gabriev
Details: Created in appreciation for Gourry, Chexyione's Gourry shrine has been the only one online since she created it.

White Magic
Subject: Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune

Golden Dragon
Subject: Filia Ul Copt

Masked Love
Subject: Xelloss x Filia Ul Copt
Details: Explores the relationship between Xelloss and Filia, and is a hub for a variety of related media.

[+] tara-hime

Contact: tarahime@gmail.com

Shrine Maiden
Subject: Sylphiel Nels Lahda
Details: Sylphiel is Tara-hime's favourite character in Slayers.

Destined Dragons
Subject: Valgarv x Filia Ul Copt
Details: Dating back to September 4, 2001, Tara-hime's shrine is one of the biggest sources of content for Valgarv x Filia love.

[+] trinity

Collective: Ainoyume.net
Contact: trinity@ainoyume.net

Demonic Fiend
Subject: Xelloss
Details: Trinity's comprehensive shrine to Xelloss first opened on December 31, 2001.

[+] ann

Dragon Slayer
Subject: Lina Inverse
Details: One of the oldest Lina shrines to be published online.

[+] regann

Subject: Naga the White Serpent

[+] zanne

Still Waters
Subject: Filia Ul Copt

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