Slayers is a comic fantasy series that takes place in a world of sword and sorcery. Loosely based on Dungeons & Dragons themed RPGs, the world of Slayers is richly historied. Everything from the magic in the world to the creatures who inhabit it are meticulously thought out in a wonderful amount of detail. Slayers has a lovely balance of serious action and light hearted comedy that makes for a great viewing or reading experience.

Slayers is originally based on a series of fifteen light novels that were later adapted for television. The anime series has five seasons to date and there are several movies, OVAs, video games, manga and additional light novels. Currently, only the five seasons of the anime are available in North America.

Lina Inverse, the star of the series, is a petite young sorceress who makes a living for herself killing bandits and stealing their treasure. All is well in her world until she finds herself getting involved in a plot to resurrect the Dark Lord -- the number one "big bad" of her world. It continues to get more ominous from there, as Lina continues to find herself mixed up in mysterious circumstances with similar outcomes. Fortunately for Lina, she meets several reliable companions along the way who aid her in solving the mysteries and ultimately saving the world.

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If you'd like to watch Slayers for yourself, you're in luck! FUNimation owns the license for the television series in North America and there are several places online where the series can be watched, free of cost! The links below are all legitimate places where you can view the series in either subtitled or dubbed format.

FUNimation: Slayers - The first three seasons in sub or dub. USA & Canada.
FUNimation: Slayers Revolution - The fourth and fifth seasons in sub or dub. USA & Canada.
HULU: Slayers - All five seasons in sub or dub. USA only.
YouTube - All five seasons in sub or dub. USA & Canada.

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